This is the first page giving some information on our Wadsworth Organ. I am researching  its history, and will update this page accordingly.   The Church began  fund raising in October 1919 for a new organ, and  by the end of 1923 had raised sufficient funds. The Manchester firm of organ builders, Ernest Wadsworth, supplied the instrument. It was installed in May 1922,  with two additional stops added in 1923. The total cost was £1,140.    Here are some rather sad pictures showing how the mechanism has been neglected over the years. Dirt and dust have accumulated, causing serious corrosion to the pipe work. Fortunately, we now have a new roof on the Church, so this should help prevent further damage.


The two Manuals and pedal board, with Swell and  Combination pedals.

Some of the console and stop action.  Corroded Great pipe work. Note the dust!

Bent and buckled pipes inside the swell box.    The trumpet stop, falling over and secured with string!

Should anyone take pity on our organ, we do have an Organ Fund  (all donations gratefully received)!  With a new roof over the organ, we can begin to reverse the decline, and hopefully restore the organ to its original condition, or adapt it to the requirements of traditional and contemporary worship.


See below for a full specification of the organ.





Pedal Organ.

  1. Bourdon

  2. Bass Flute

16 ft.

 8 ft.


Couplers:    a) Great to Pedal    b)  Swell to Pedal


Great Organ.                Swell organ.

 3.  Open Diapason

 4.  Rohr Flute

 5. Viola

 6.  Dulciana

 7.  Principal

 8.  Wald Flute

 9. Fifteenth

10. Trumpet

8 ft.

8 ft.

8 ft.

8 ft.

4 ft.

4 ft.

2 ft.

8 ft.

11. Diapason

12. Lieblich Gedeckt

13. Celeste

14. Salicet

15. Mixture

16. Horn

17. Oboe

8 ft.

8 ft.

8 ft.

4 ft.


8 ft.

8 ft.










Couplers: c) Swell to Great     Couplers: d) Swell Octave   e) Swell Sub Octave  f) Tremulant


Accessories: Combination Pedals.


Wind Pressures:

Pipe wind inches. (Not known)    Action wind inches. (Not known)     The blowing plant is by. (Not known)


Other notes:

The manual Compass is CC to A 58 notes: the Pedal CCC to F 30 notes.

The Pedal action is Pneumatic  

The Great action is Tracker.

The Swell action is electro-pneumatic

The pitch is very sharp C= 535.8 ( A = 452.5)   Close to,  English, Old Philharmonic Pitch.

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